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Awesome People

Daisy MacLean
Multi-Award winning director and CEO of Between Worlds Entertainment.

Tony Edgar
A director of photography with extensive experience in the music video and commercial industry.

Chris Miller
A UK based Illustrator, who drives Daisy nuts by being late with pages for the More Than Skeletons Comic.

Christopher Butcher
the manager of the world-famous comic book store The Beguiling, in addition to being a freelance writer and the co-founder of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Christopher Lee Grant
an outstanding character actor with over 80 voice characterizations, impressions and accents.

Colin Brunton
a Canadian producer and director.

Danny F. Santos
director, artist and all around geek.

Gordon Hawkins
A Genius Photographer of People, Places and Things.

Jim zubkavich
a trouble-making Canadian artist boy.

Leo Lingas
a Greek/Canadian Fantasy Illustrator based out of Toronto, Canada.

Kayla Marie Hillier
Likes to make comics and write autobiographical relationship stories that are slightly humorous and self deprecating.

Matt Grundy
A very talented UK based Graphic Designer.
He also composed the score for Life on Earth.

Mondo Lulu
Gave up being an astronaut for art. Presently feeding the photography jones.

Paul Jackson
A Drummer and Horror Illustrator based currently in Canada. As mad as a bum full of smarties.

Penni Holdham
an award winning custom prop and event environment designer, and Daisy's cousin.

Phil Rickaby
an actor, geek and writer, based in Toronto, Canada.

Ray Fawkes
A Fine Artist and writer of graphic novels, prose fiction, and games.

Stacy King
an MG & YA Urban Fantasy Author, based in Toronto, Canada.

Stef Kloibhofer
A Brilliant Photographer and Daisy's partner in crime for a lot of schemes

Warren Kinsella
a raconteur, bon vivant, and – occasionally – a Toronto-based lawyer, author and consultant.


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