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Last Night Alive ThumbnailThe Playdates

"Last Night Alive"
Music Video


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"Ashes to Airwaves"
Web Series Ep1

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"Ashes to Airwaves"
Web Series Ep2

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The Playdates

"Kids of Summer"
Music Video

Fidget Music Video

"Vanity Magazine"

Behind The Scenes on
Michelle Harding's
2 Scoops

Michelle Harding's
2 Scoops
produced by Daisy maclean in co-operation
with Justin Harding Productions

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In Post-Production:

Last Night Alive (music video)

More than Skeletons (short film)





Life On Earth Short Film

Poster Courtesy of Diecast Design

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The following is footage from an upcoming documentary film that has

been knitted together, by the band, to make a music video.